Nashville has stood far and away as one of the most idyllic locations in the country to live for years. The area is known throughout the world as the heartland of country music, yet Nashville has so much more to offer than incredible music, famous local restaurants, and upscale shopping that rivals the finest Manhattan has to offer.

Nashville’s sterling reputation and the area’s commitment to preserving the natural green space of Tennessee’s rolling hills have people flocking to relocate to the area. Utilizing the tips below will help you list your home at the best time of year. 

Capitalize on Nashville’s Rapidly-Increasing Home Values

If you own a home in Nashville and are considering selling, now is a great time to put your dreams into action. Nashville home values have risen an incredible 7% in the past 12 months and, according to Zillow’s projections, are expected to see another 5.6% spike in home value this year. 

Housing in Nashville-Davidson appeals to people due to the large footprint of areas that technically fall under the “Nashville blanket.” Housing in Nashville is actually comprised of the Nashville-Davison—Murfreesboro—Franklin Metro area, giving prospective buyers a huge area to consider for their next home.

Unlike many markets, Nashville-Davidson is a buyers’ market. As a seller, this means that timing is crucial to garnering the best price for your home as there's strong competition to attract buyers. This means that the more effort you can put into polishing your home prior to listing, the better position you will be in to receive top-dollar for your home. 

”Spring” Into Action

The the best realtors® in Nashville will confirm that spring and summer are prime seasons to earn the best offers for your home. Find a top selling realtor who's experienced in working closely with buyers’ agents to give you the advantage of showing your home early during peak selling season.

Ideally, listing your home in early April will give you the highest premium for your home. If you haven't partnered with a real estate agent yet, Effective Agents is a website that will crunch your home's information to provide you with a list of proven top agents in your specific area of Nashville. You can even opt to have these agents reach out to you via your preferred contact method, saving you some time and energy. 

Do Your Winter Work

As mentioned above, spring and summer are the best seasons to sell your home. Take advantage of this by completing any upgrades or fixes your home may need during the winter season. This is the time to fix leaky faucets, manicure your front lawn, and repaint walls a neutral color.

The goal is to have your home pristine and ready to be listed by April 1. If needed, bring in professionals to do the more labor-intensive tasks. The investment will pay off when you receive an excellent offer on your home before the selling season becomes too competitive.

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