Do you know what’s the worst feeling in the world? When you've organized a Super Bowl in Nashville 2023 party, and everyone's enjoying the party, but you have to be in the kitchen to prepare food! We know how you want to be among the cheerers too. 


Fortunately, there's an easy way to do so! And that's by taking services from the catering service providers. Here is the list of the best catering for the big game in Nashville that serves amazing food without costing you a fortune.

Restaurant $$
Deep Woods Trail, Brentwood TN, 37027
Menu maker catering has a creative catering team that offers exceptional service and scrumptious cuisine for your big game party. They're extremely dedicated to offer the best guest experience, and that's why they prepare a full-fledged plan for a memorable big game party/event.

The best thing about these caterers is that they're ideal for all your catering needs. That's why they also have options for vegetarian or vegan guests. Their menu includes diverse food options for different courses, from breakfast to dessert.
Restaurant $
4334 Harding Rd, Nashville TN, 37205
Picnic Cafe & Party Catering is an outstanding catering service provider that can cater food regardless of the number of guests. This means whether you've five or fifty guests, they'll design menus for all. Their fantastic menu includes party-pleasing dishes like sandwiches, vegetable trays, casseroles, and other delicacies.

They also offer delicious bread and rich desserts for a complete gourmet experience at your big game party. Make sure you place your order atleast 72 hours in advance for the best service. Disposable trays/bowls are available, however, they charge extra for it.
Restaurant $$
1235 6th Ave N, Nashville TN, 37208
Monell's Dining & Catering is an award-winning caterer in Nashville that can give a Southern touch to your big game party. These caterers offer famous Southern comfort food for your lunch, dinner, and breakfast requirements, so your guests stay full all along.

Besides catering, they offer drop-off, off-site catering, and box lunches for a flexible and convenient experience. Their services are quite fast plus they have an experienced staff to handle your party requirements. Other than big game parties and events, they also offer seasonable options for festivals like Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Beyond Details Nashville Catering
107 45th Avenue North, Nashville TN, 37209
Beyond Details Catering can take care of your food requirements and ambiance for an iconic big game party. Their menu is delicious, with a wide array of dishes for your guests. Besides that, they have props to give your big game watch party a fancy touch.

They'll decorate the tables with fresh flowers for the guests, to add that extra oomph. With their experienced staff, Beyond Details Catering ensures top-notch service, so your guests can't stop themselves from praising your party arrangement.
G Catering
332 Hill Avenue, Nashville TN, 37210
G Catering is one of the finest caterers in Nashville area, who can turn your super bowl party into one fun get-together! As full-service caterers, these professionals can handle everything from start to end. This means whether it's designing the menu, rental coordination, staffing, or related work, they'll do it all.

What else? They can also arrange a bar for your big game party, so you and your guests can sip on the best beverages while watching the twists and turns of the match. You can try their buffets, stations, or even drop-off if you want. These caterers can handle 20 to 1000 guests.