Shopping in Nashville can be quite the enjoyable experience for any visitor or resident. With over 2 million people in the city, Nashville caters to a variety of people with its shopping malls, thrift stores, and world class boutiques. It is not hard to find the best places to shop in Nashville, since there are simply so many to choose.

In Downtown Nashville, there are a few streets that any visitor should stop by. At 2nd Ave, a person will find a variety of funky stores and shops. This area is also referred to as "The District." At The District, one will find many local shops which are owned by members of the community. Some of the shops offer the perfect western apparel, such as high quality cowboy boots. If one has an affinity for cowboy boots, then one will find all sorts of custom stores in this area.

For shopping malls, one also has plenty of choices. Five Points is a great place for shopping, if one loves all things art. There are plenty of art galleries in this mall, as well as art boutiques from local dealers. Cool Springs Galleria is another high quality mall that Nashville has to offer. Locals consistently rate Cool Springs Galleria as one of the best places to shop in Nashville. One can find all sorts of stores at Cool Springs, ranging from Banana Republic to Abercrombie & Fitch. The Mall at Green Hills is another high quality mall that visitors may want to check out. At the Mall at Green Hills, visitors will find world class boutiques, such as Chanel and Betsey Johnson.

In Downtown Nashville, another great place to shop is 8th Avenue. If one enjoys collecting antiques, then one will surely love this street lined with antique shops. One can find all sorts of great deals over at 8th Avenue. This street features some of the greatest stores that offer all sorts of collectibles and home goods.

Overall, Nashville has plenty of great shopping opportunities to offer visitors and residents alike. It is the perfect place to visit if one loves to shop!